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Ciao and Welcome to Matteo's Osteria! Grazie for joining us to experience the vision of Matteo & Gianna Mistura, from a love of earth's bounty and the art of winemaking. An Osteria was originally a place serving a great range of quality of wine with simple, delicious food, and an emphasis on local specialties such as pasta, grilled meat and fish. We have more than 200 wines by the bottles, from all over the World! So go ahead: try something new! 

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Discover and enjoy the rustic home-style, inspired cooking from Maui's Best Italian Chef. Savor our healthy, locally-sourced Cucina Italiana, for Dinner or Happy Hour.

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Maui Cattle Beef Ravioli, Amatriciana Sauce, Pomodoro Fresco



Veal Shank Milanese Style, Saffron Risotto, Gremolata

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Chocolate Cake

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Happy Kids Restaurant
Vegan Pie
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